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SpookySwap. The Portal to DeFi: Vote. Stake. All in one decentralized exchange for leveraging diversified funds across ecosystems, with the speed of Fantom

Exceptional Features

What is the undertaking attempting to accomplish?
SpookySwap DEX uses an AMM (Automated Market Maker) to give liquidity in liquidity pools. Likewise with Uniswap, the costs are resolved naturally and are subject to the quantity of accessible tokens in a liquidity pool. SpookySwap is uncommon in that it considers restricted orders; you might make a buy request at a particular cost, and it will be executed just when or on the other hand assuming that that cost is accomplished. This implies you won’t be charged until your request is handled. This component fundamentally increments exchanging adaptability and assists brokers with preparing.

What is SpookySwap ($BOO)?

SpookySwap is a computerized market-production (AMM) decentralized trade (DEX) on the Fantom Opera organization. SpookySwap has major areas of strength for a with BOO as an administration token, various ranches, an implicit scaffold, limit requests, and client focused administrations. SpookySwap offers the most reduced trade costs on Fantom for exchanging digital currencies, as well as an easy to use interface for carrying liquidity into the stage.

What is the extraordinary selling point?

Token trades on SpookySwap are a straightforward method for exchanging one token for another by means of mechanized liquidity pools. On Spooky, you can exchange at market cost, or put forth a particular cost for a line request that can be set off every minute of every day! Limit orders will be orders where you can put in a trade request at a specific cost, and on the off chance that the market arrives at that value, the trade will occur. Limit requests can be valuable to “purchase the plunge” or collect at a lower value or To “take benefit” or sell at a greater cost

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At the point when you trade (exchange) on the trade, you will pay a 0.2% exchanging charge (0.22% for limit orders), of which 0.17% is gotten back to liquidity pools as a compensation for liquidity suppliers and 0.03% to xBOO Stakers. No part of this charge is going to the depository or dev reserve like conventional DEXs.
The Liquidity ranch is the spot to stake your spLP (Spooky Liquidity Pair tokens) to acquire BOOs. These homesteads give motivations to individuals giving liquidity to SpookySwap and assist with balancing Impermanent Loss risk.
Liquidity Farms
Adding liquidity permits the supporter of acquire 0.2% trading charges from the matches they’ve given. You can supply liquidity and begin acquiring expenses. Your liquidity can procure considerably more rewards (BOOs) assuming they’re marked at ranches!
You can stake your BOOs to acquire more BOOs. At the point when you do as such, you will get a buyback BOO token, xBOO, xBOO procures a level of exchange expenses to repurchase BOO. Your equilibrium of xBOO won’t be changed, however the proportion of xBOO to BOO will limitlessly develop over the long run as it purchases more BOO. With the xBOO you, you can stake to acquire different tokens in the pool list. The xBOO tokens that you’ve marked will keep on taking part in the Buyback Pool and procure BOOs.
Boo Staking


SpookySwap’s extension upholds moving tokens from Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Polygon to Fantom as well as the other way around. Presently Supported Tokens for Bridging to and from Fantom: